Need to get your commercial space stripped down to its bare basics? First of all, a truly stunning interior space is all about details. Therefore you need to start with a blank canvas. Due to a space stripped down to its bare bones it becomes a lot easier to design and envision a refurbishment plan, for example. High quality commercial strip outs are much more than just a smash and run so consequently it involves a lot of time and care.  So furthermore it is equally essential to use skilled craftsmen to strip a space as it is to refurbish it.

From complex and dangerous jobs involving load bearing walls, industrial machinery or asbestos, to simply stripping out shop fittings and preparing walls for refurbishment. You can trust our experience and skills to deliver perfect commercial strip outs to your exact criteria.

From the details down to insurance and waste disposal, we’ll make sure that we deliver a service of an extremely high quality.

Office Fitouts

Office Strip outs

A drastic transformation for an office space begins with a strip out. Transform your office by having the space plain ready to create a vision for its new interior. There are no commercial strip outs which are skimped on quality of service, including the physically vigorous tasks like preparing walls or completely removing them.

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Retail Strip outs

Retail spaces are conscious of keeping with decoration and design trends, therefore retail strip outs are quite common. If you’re wanting to start over again with your retail space to display your latest products and services or to rearrange the customer journey, we can help to create a better all-round retail experience.

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Retail Fitouts
Resturant Fitouts

Restaurant Strip outs

Stripping back restaurants involves considering many different aspects of space as well as appliances which might already be installed which need to be gotten rid of. We have the machinery and know how to deal with varying interiors such as kitchens fittings and appliances in a safe and professional way so your restaurant is ready for a makeover.

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